What happens when you finally overcome your Abundance Blocks?

See how Christie Marie Sheldon has helped people all over the world to earn more, manifest unexpected windfalls, and contribute to their communities.

An intuitive healer and energetic coach, Christie has help over 10,000 clients transform their lives – and their bank accounts – forever. Now, the Unlimited Abundance program brings the full power of Christie’s one-on-one sessions directly to your home, making true success and abundance easier to achieve than ever before. Here’s just a few of the amazing stories we’ve heard from our students…

Here’s Just A Few Of The Real Results That Students Are Enjoying Right Now

Dawn on Energy Clearing Session with Christie Marie Sheldon
Rola on Energy Clearing Session with Christie Marie Sheldon

Holly Stafford

“Divine timing! In a little over two weeks, I have already manifested”

I am an artist living in the Pacific Northwest and am on a dream chasing journey! : ) I recently purchased the Unlimited Abundance program and I absolutely LOVE IT! Thank you thank you thank you for creating this and expanding my energy and understanding!

Even though I have studied success and manifesting my entire life, I had no idea that these intuitions I have followed in my life were real things and not just something I created in my own mind. (Example: manifesting the coolest pair of winter boots as a young child or sending love light to family and friends to help healing or surrounding ambulances with white light when I see them on the road.) It’s been an incredible confirmation of what I’ve always felt very strongly in my life: Love is always the answer.

I’m an illustrator, painter and graphic artist, so obviously I have a very visual mind. : ) I also grew up in Alaska so I’m strongly influenced by extraordinary nature the beautiful experience of connection. As I’m going through these sessions, my mind is just flooded with a ton of cool, amazing paintings, doodles and images! These creations would have never appeared if it hadn’t been for this series because I totally believe in the co-creation of my authentic expression and use it often with clients for design processes or commission work. Thank you thank you!!

So, I thought it might be fun to capture some of these creative processes and doodles and paintings in a blog format for others to share. I am so very grateful for these energy clearing sessions and thought you might like to see what is appearing in my mind and through my brushes. (From day one as a very young artist, I’ve always channeled love into my work and have asked that when viewed, the love light shines out brightly to affect the viewer. : ) It is my gift and why I am here.

I’ve attached an image that pushed its way to the forefront right before I found your program. It’s called “Find Your Light”. : ) Totally appropriate!!

Thank you times a million kazillion for your amazing program!! I am so grateful!!

PS: After I ran into the Unlimited Abundance program with Christie! Divine timing! In a little over two weeks, I have already manifested:

  • a fabulous art show 2 months early with retail and art class possibilities unlimited!
  • over $500 in new sales!
  • asked to do new commission artwork!
  • was called out of the blue to teach an art class with unlimited possibilities!
  • approached for logo design project from engineer firm!
  • have new retail location for work!
  • *$100 on lotto ticket!
  • saved $180 in monthly bills!
  • And more! My husband has noticed a huge shift in my energy and is excited watching us walk into unlimited abundance!!

Sending huge amounts of love and light.

Elizabeth Roberts

“Two weeks into the program, my business sold with ease and… I had 26k left over”

My goal starting out was to sell my business. Two weeks into the program, my business sold with ease and after paying off debt, I had 26k left over. After this goal, my goal was to find my perfect *male :) mate. While I haven’t found “the one” yet, I have definitely felt the love within myself, for others, and others towards me. All of my friends have been taking me out to lunch and paying for me! And I see the richness and quality of friendships that I have. I am so lucky! I know my perfect mate is coming! I also am working on manifesting my perfect career. I plan to do the sessions on more time.

Little things: I got an extra cash back bonus check from American Express for $225. I got an $845 tax return when I thought I was going to have to pay. All business calls with closing my business went extremely smooth and every one I talked with was so friendly and made sure I would incur no fees.

Yes!!!!!! I love Christi, and I am so grateful for the universe for putting this program in my path. To this day, I still have no idea how I found it, which makes it even better!

I love Unlimited Abundance it truly is the truth!

Julie Robertson

“I am about half way through your course and it is really resonating”

My goal was/is to breakthrough my limiting beliefs and release my full potential and rock the rest of my life.
I am 50 and was married for 14 years and kind of lost myself and my value. As that ended, I am reinventing myself and career so that I can feel the freedom to once again support myself and my daughter easily and take on a life that inspires both myself, my daughter and those women around me feeling the same way as I did.

I am about half way through your course and it is really resonating… Thank you!

I respond very well to energetic work and love that I can now see that ease and joy in life can be realized. I am fired up and am pursuing the creation of graphic photography merchandising for businesses in the Napa Valley.

Darrell Lokahi Wilson

“I have managed to save about $7000 in a very short time period”

I am a writer, lecturer, facilitator, and relationship coach. I am very creative but I knew I had some energy blocks so I was looking for the best way to get to the matter and resolve it. I am looking forward to have an abundant year with many opportunities to speak and facilitate play shops for couples and I do not want to be held back in any way. I am feeling much freer and way less stressed and I am staying in my creative energy longer. I am not completely where I want to be yet but I am seeing some signs of my fear to self promote lessen so I am very happy about that.

Now I am choosing to make the connections that will put me in the front of my field, and I am working a wonderful new book. Soon I will be approaching various media about interviews. I have managed to save about $7000 in a very short time period about two months. and I am on my way to a job interview that lasts 5 days at a hotsprings resort so at the very least I will have free organic vegitarian meals and lodging at a wonderful spa resort while I decide if I want the position.

I am being approached by many beautiful women who want to get to know me better and I am feeling very confident about my future as money making ideas fill my toughts. I am also puting my intention out there to meet christie to thank her in person when the timing and energy is right.

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Leah Smit

“I had shed 173 lbs and was at a ‘what next’ phase in my life.”

Getting unstuck from debt and wanting to open up more to life is why I signed up for this course. I had shed 173 lbs and was at a “what next” phase in my life. I am ready to open up to life.

The first one I listened to was “Clearing Feeling Stuck” because that was where I was at the time. I’m not stuck any more! Whoo hoo! The question that got me going was something like “what have I been wanting to do but haven’t taken action yet to do?” The first thing that came into my mind was simple. I’d been wanting to get a certain haircut. So I did! And it got the ball rolling.

Next I started yoga. And this week I got my art room combined with my office in the brightest lightest space in our home. The old art room is now a relaxing guest bedroom and meditation space. We have never had a guest bedroom before so that ones us up to more people.

I Love Unlimited Abundance so far! Thank you!

Ted Prodromou

“$30,000 of unexpected money has come into my life”

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Unlimited Abundance recently and I listened to one session per day for 24 consecutive days. The results have been way beyond anything I could’ve imagined in my wildest dreams.

I was working full time for a software company and we were going through a restructuring. I had a feeling my job was going to be eliminated so I wanted to test Christie’s Unlimited Abundance exercises. I started manifesting that $20,000 or more would come to me in some fashion during February. Today is only February 13th and $30,000 of unexpected money has come into my life. I was notified today that my job is ending next week and
I’m receiving 3 months severance which I wasn’t expecting. I’ve also received numerous consulting opportunities that I’m sure came to me once I removed my blockages. I will easily receive more than $40,000 this month

because of my clearing the blockages. I was especially blocking my ability to receive from the universe. I love to give but always felt uncomfortable receiving but Christie removed those blocks for me.

Thank you and Christie for changing my life. She’s amazing!!

Lila Halai

“It is life changing!”

So far since starting the course just before Christmas I have had some money show up. Firstly I was given a 10% pay rise which far exceeds the industry average in this current economic climate. Secondly I mentioned my successful lazer surgery to a friend who mentioned it to her friend who had it done herself and gave my name and said i had recommended her. I got a cheque of £50.00 for the referral. Totally unexpected!

My family all live in London some 200 miles away, I usually end up going to see them as its more convenient. Not having visited me for over a year my dad decided to come up this weekend with one of my brothers, despite the fact that I’ll be visiting them next weekend. He gave me a cheque for £5000.00 and the £60.00 to get something nice for my self with.

Apart from the financial manifestations, the energies in my home feel my ligher and peaceful due to clearing out my clutter. Being positive and optimistic is now becoming the norm rather than a struggle.

Thank you Christie so much for Love Or Above and Unlimited Abundance. It is life changing!!!

Brandy Thomas

“This course will definetely give a new perspective on life challenges”

My goal for using Unlimited Abundance was to continue on my path of self improvement and ensure that there were no remaining blocks to my abundance and also learn and integrate a new method of removing them.

I noticed I was angry when I would wake up after playing the sessions during my sleep. I felt this was a big indicator I still had more work to do and I have been applying the techniques given. They are working great!

I believe everyone needs to better understand themselves and their patterns. This course will definetely give a new perspective on lifes challeges while actually fixing the root cause and not just addressing the symptoms. It’s great!


“I’ve gained approximately $60,000 worth of consulting contracts”

It has taken a few weeks, but manifestation has been at work – so I’ll be in a position to pay my outstanding Unlimited Abundance course fees on Thursday.

Just to fill you in, I made a promise that, if within the 10-day $1 trial period I was able to gain an additional $4,000 in resources – I’d happily pay for the course.

The flow of events has been such that I’ve gained approximately $60,000 worth of consulting contracts stemming from actions and decisions taken during that trial week. As the flows have begun to arrive I’m delighted to pay my fee, and also to share my success story with you.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Carol Mcintire

“Unlimited Abundance opens doors of the mind to more possibilities”

I just went though a divorce. I know the first thing is to take it to God. Then to look at myself and see where a change is needed, to full fill my purpose and get on with it. To not attract what does not serve the best in me and create, as co-creator, a brilliant plan.

I have joined a choir, created a web page to display my portrait painting, invited my friends to come over one at a time for quality time and reflexology.

Taken care of important business. Started taking French. Just for fun worked to speed up my typing skills. Completed three more commissioned paintings. Opening my heart to love even more fully has enabled me to do this and more..

I am a private person, so to put any personal information out there is a big deal. I share easily with my close friends. I am not a timid person, I have been brave and adventurous though out my life. I am in my later years now, but the next steps are as important to me as if I were in my 30s again. I have lost 25 pounds. I work out daily and eat a healthy diet. All these changes since I joined Mind Valley programs, and Christie’ s program has had a wonderful effect on my situations and decisions.

To be open to change is very freeing. Unlimited Abundance opens doors of the mind to more possibilities. Action must be taken for any great thing to come about…..

Thank you for your support, loving words and fun spirit.

Blessings to you.

Trish Baker

“By day 7, I had manifested more than double”

When this program was offered for $1 for 10 days, I made an agreement with Spirit – if I manifest $2,000 in 10 days, I will happily pay Christie the full amount of the program ($400). Well, by day 7, I had manifested more than double this amount! So I was hooked, I knew that this was accelerating my own program and would also help me to help others. I am currently listening to Round 2 of the audios and my new business (opened in March 2012) is taking off very quickly. Shamanic healing is not well known in Raleigh, NC, but I am getting new clients every week without doing any marketing or advertising.

I use the clearing statement all the time now – I am really quick to notice when lower vibrational energies surface. It is amazing!

Thank you so much for this program!

Cynthia Keister

“I’ve gotten more results from this program than any other”

Christie is amazing. I’ve gotten more results from this program than any other. I’ve used a lot of EFT, however this program has cleared more and done it faster.

I’d love to learn how to see and feel energy the way Christie does. I believe everyone needs this program who is not on the path of enlightenment.

It is an amazing program and I recommend it to anyone open to it.

Lily Bonnici

“I am currently on session 15 and things have already started to change”

I want to manifest my own home and have financial security for me and my family. That was my aim when I saw the program…not knowing Christie’s ability I decided to follow my intuition and it said yes.

I am currently on session 15 and things have already started to change.

I am noticing my energy is up. I have been going to bed later and getting up refreshed. I have noticed this, especially this past week. I have been on the program for just 3 weeks now. I have also noticed I am feeling very happy and relaxed and content with my life, I am very pleased with this. I have been having problems with stress as I am 60 years without a home of my own and very little capital but still supporting children and grandchildren. I now feel hopeful.

So I feel optimistic that I am on the road to manifesting my dreams.

I am very grateful to have found this course and Christie.

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Nina Hanson

“Now my checkbook registers $5000, up from $36 in three weeks.”

I had just come off of 6 weeks disability after a break-up with my boyfriend and the deaths of my mother and brother (all in a 4 week period). I was in dire straits. So, I tried your program. I do the pre-taped Unlimited Abundance program about 4 times per week. I do my statements as mantras when I meditate, when I’m walking the dog, in the bathroom and before I go to bed.

They do make me feel more at peace. Needless to say, I’m self-employed and feeling the pinch of the disability. The first week back to work, I had a few people pay ahead. Then the next week I had someone pay for a whole year of my work. My disability payment came through faster than expected. And now my checkbook registers $5000, up from $36 in three weeks. I’m on Lesson 8 today. And I am finding my life coming together in it’s own time. I’m not rushing things, like I normally do. I trying to let things happen in their own time. I’m not as depressed as I have been in the past, which is a relief.


“I am elated with the improvements I see in my life”

My goal for using Unlimited Abundance was to get clarity in the truth of who I am. My life has improved since starting the program as I’ve gotten much more real honest with career choices.

I would recommend this program to others because I like to see people learn how to live their dream life.

I am so grateful for the Unlimited Abundance Products and I see improvement in my life and my families. Just being half way done with the program and I am elated with the improvements I see in my life.

Karen Powel

“I am truly grateful!”

My goal for using Unlimited Abundance was to eliminate blocks/limiting beliefs that are holding me back from achieving my true potential as a wealthy, abundant human being. I am loving it, it makes sense and I am noticing small little things showing up in my life, this is rewarding and encouraging.
I am happy and grateful to myself for having jumped on the opportunity to purhase it, and am grateful to Christie that she has put together such a brilliant system to aid others in eliminating their blocks to success. I haven’t finished the course yet but am loving every minute of it.

I am finding little things are happening but lots of them, things are happening quite fast and. I have repeated the lessons quite a few times to make sure blocks and lies are gone for good. I feel my life and my health have certainly benefited.

I am truly grateful!

Melanie Porter

“It has been miracle after miracle after miracle showing up in my life”

My goal for this course was to create the feelings of freedom and independence, and the confidence to know that I deserve to be self-sufficient.

Let me say.. my life has changed overnight! It has been miracle after miracle after miracle showing up in my life! I can’t believe everything that has happened! My life has totally turned around for the better and I can’t believe my own eyes! I only started this course three weeks ago and my dreams are already manifesting.

I’ve been accepted to the University of Colorado and have registered for classes when I didn’t think it was possible. I received $13,500 in financial aid (!!!), I won a settlement at a court hearing.. I’m not sure how much I’m going to get yet, but my lawyer thinks it will be around $20,000 PLUS a $700 monthly stipend for 18 months!! And guess what else?? Today, I bought the car of my dreams and I DEFINITELY didn’t think THAT was possible! It’s so much better than I ever imagined! I can’t believe it’s real!!

I feel like a completely new person after only three weeks! I’m not even half-way through the course! I can’t wait to see what other wonderful things miraculously show up in my life!!! I am living a magical, wondrous, exciting life!!! :)


“Every day I fell freer and freer”

Every day I fell freer and freer. Blocks are melting a way. I’m more connected to source energy. I manifest more and I’m very grateful. It is a blessing to begin the day with “blessed” energy. It makes me smile very often. It is a marvellous way to detach from mental noise, worries and blocks. Further more, it is an efficient way to “let them go” and keep in pace. In synthesis: is a great way to invest in your self, to love your self. Thank you!

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Barbara Ricotta

“The changes in my life are evident every single day”

My first intention was to discover how Christie Marie Sheldon has taken her life experience and knowledge and produced a marketable product for sale on the internet. I was very impressed with the content and the presentation. The added benefit was that my whole life, my thought process, my daily practice in terms of setting intentions and clearing limiting thoughts and beliefs totally transformed.

I am living at a much higher vibration, which had been an intention of mine but besides my spiritual practices I didn’t have a clear system for living at this higher vibration. Christie’s method is clear, simple, fun and effective. The changes in my life are evident every single day (increased income, more synchronistic events, happier, higher vibration external experiences giving evidence of my enhanced internal states).

“In Two and half weeks, I already reached my Goal, AMAZING”

This is my first time sharing my Victories, there have been many.

1- I always being intuitive and some how it went away, till I did the course Love or Above, on a daily basis do the C.D’s since September, right before Calling in the One.

This week I realized, that I achieved my financial Goal for the Month of February, is a Miracle, last week I said to myself. I AM FREAKING GETTING EVERYTHING I WANT IN LIFE.

2-Wrote my resignation letter to General Manager of the company, he is been out of Town and expect to see him this week, he is aware, just delaying talking with me, my manager knows it, I said. My contract here no longer serves me, he asked Why. Because I have inherited a 5 million dollars worth of clients who want me to help them and our company does not provide the products and I have experience a decline in my commission since last January and I don’t work for less than last year, therefore, it has nothing to do with you, we work very well together, I want to work as an independent consultant.

Since that conversation, I already started my own business and in Two and half weeks, I already reached my Goal, AMAZING. The commission will come in 5 weeks.

My fears have diminished , when the old stories show up, immediately I become aware, and star deleting and asking questions…connecting to the URI, Hebrew word I use and I feel better, gaining control over my emotions is 100% a Must for me. I am beginning to visualize tonight while doing Session 11 ( The Unlimited Abundance Program ), it really works.


“This knowledge, it would make the world more peaceful and loving”

My goal for using unlimited abundance was to learn how to rid myself of fear and doubt. In addition, acquiring perfect health and abundance in my finances.

The information has helped me in learning to raise my energy vibration and be aware of my thoughts. I am going through each lesson over and over as I need to fully understand the concept. Thank you

This knowledge, it would make the world more peaceful and loving.

I thank you for the enlightenment of what unlimited abundance have to offer. My next product will be Silva method.

Beverly McFarlane

“I have manifested a new job, a new house for my family and unlimited energy”

I have previously suffered from chronic anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. I felt like it didn’t matter what I tried, all treatments were a bandaid. I could not understand why some people do not suffer and some do. I was so over being unwell and tired all the time.

I was searching for something that would break the cycle. A friend asked me to listen to the group session that was run a month ago. Since I have started to listen to the unlimited abundance audios, I have felt lighter, more grounded and I feel I have the tools to know release, delete and destroy all of my old limiting beliefs.

I have manifested a new job, a new house for my family and unlimited energy to go about my daily activities. I am so grateful to Christie-Marie, I feel I can now wipe the slate clean and start a fresh life.

Thank you thank you thank you.


“The information has helped me in learning to raise my energy vibration and be aware of my thoughts”

My goal for using unlimited abundance was to learn how to rid myself of fear and doubt. In addition, acquiring perfect health and abundance in my finances.

The information has helped me in learning to raise my energy vibration and be aware of my thoughts. I am going through each lesson over and over as I need to fully understand the concept. Thank you

Yes, as individuals acquire this knowledge, it would make the world more peaceful and loving.

I thank you for the enlightenment of what unlimited abundance have to offer. My next product will be Silva method.


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“It is like a MIRACLE!!!!! What a HUGE shift!”

I want to share my TOTAL breakthrough after only listening to two modules of your new “Wealth Consciousness” program. I LOVE this new program!!!! After a few times listening to and clearing on module two especially on the energy of spending money I had the most amazing thing happen. I have been a great spender and love to spend and love to treat my family and friends to trips, adventures, vacations, etc. I supported my ex-husband for 10 years and then when I got divorced I was advised to take on supporting our three children so that we wouldn’t end up in court,

Well it has been challenging for the last 12 years manifesting this and there has been a lot of fights with him because I have asked him to contribute because I have had $$ losses, etc. He has always refused although he is doing well now.

I’ve been clearing all my resentment, regret, guilt and shame over money that I spent and instead being very grateful that I am so generous and have had the chance to improve and support so many people’s lives and have had such a rich, abundant life and have had so much$$ to treat my family and friends. I have DUT’ed on all places where if I felt stupid or sucker-punched for sharing my wealth, etc. So a few years ago when i asked my ex to help with expenses, he threatened to sue me and took the children off the medical insurance that he and his wife have with Kaiser.

A couple months ago for no apparent reason he told me he was putting them back on the insurance and yesterday I received a check from him for $500 to help with the kid’s school lunches!!!!!!!!!! No explanation! All my friends who know how badly he has treated me in the past (DUT) cannot believe this!! It is like a MIRACLE!!!!! What a HUGE shift!! Thank you thank you so much Christie!!!! I am sharing this story with my friends and family to inspire them to do energy work because it is so empowering!!!


“If you’re truly looking for the answers this is it”

To unblock all that is holding me back. I’m seeing things as they are. Daily feelings come up and instead of pushing them away and ignoring them as I have in the past….I’ve dealt with them…cleared them and feel lighter in my hips. I’m loving it. I really feel like I can move forward with out it being confrontational. That I can move forward in a loving way.

If you’re truly looking for the answers this is it.

I believe they’ve saved me from an ordinary life of depression and baggage given to my children.


“I have come to realize that I do have the power to change my life”

My goal was to break out of the debt cycle I have lived in since childhood; to rise above all the obstacles that were placed in my way by ‘tribal’ thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and patterns; to stop living the circumstances I ‘bought into’ as a child and carried with me throughout my life. To come into my own, back to self; to live free from the daunting baggage I have carried for 62 years; to break the cycle that my ‘tribe’ has lived for eons to improve my life, and everyone else connected to me.

I know…a tall order! :) However, Christie rose to the occasion and succeeded!

I have been listening to Christie daily since I bought the program, and I gleaned the awareness that I was resistant to actually doing anything to help myself. The ongoing burden of debt has worn me down, and I began to think that it was my ‘lot in life’ to live this way. I even said that to someone this past Spring, so when I had that ‘aha’ moment, I ‘blasted’ that belief from my life!

As I listened to each of the 24 tracks in the program, I began to actually feel possibility arising within me, a lightness of heart that I haven’t felt before. I was particularly struck by her comment on one of the tracks that we are all so much more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to be.

And I love how honest Christie is when it comes to seeing how resistant we are to change, how she calls us on it, then gives us the tool to empower ourselves to be so much more than we are, or ever thought we could be.

Asking the questions, “What would it take…?” and “What energy/vibration can I align with…? have had a positive effect on me as they have helped me open up and expand what is possible.

Something else that has had a profound effect on me is I began to bless everyone and everything and found my heart filling up in ways that are amazing. As I drive to work I bless all the other drivers; I bless all the people going to their jobs; I bless the mountains, the trees, the clouds, and I bless myself too!

I bless the city I would like to move to, and I bless the businesses in that city with increase and prosperity because I would like to one day have a business there. I love using blessings as a way of increasing my vibration and the vibration of everything around me! I am helping others and helping myself at the same time.

I have come to realize that I do have the power to change my life, to change my circumstances, no matter how overwhelming they are, and I have set the intention to begin my coaching practice to help others to shift their thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and patterns about their own ‘lot in life’, to empower them to rise up and live their Highest Potential.

Yes, I would highly recommend this program as it offers many tools to blast through what may seem to be insurmountable odds, and find a sense of peace when all that was previously available was overwhelming baggage.

Bringing my baggage to each of the sessions allowed me to see that what I was carrying with me not only didn’t belong to me, it didn’t truly resonate with who I am at my core.

Therefore, I could delete it, uncreate it, and ‘destory’ (I love that word!) it because it was a long held belief belonging to someone else, and I no longer needed to be burdened by something that was not mine.

I have many other programs that I have listened to and some of them were helpful to a certain extent. However, I feel that Christie’s Unlimited Abundance program brought my awareness and healing to a whole new level with the tools she shared, and I felt supported in moving forward with more ease and grace.

I feel like I truly have an opportunity to release myself from all the baggage that I have carried, to shift my ‘lot in life’, and to create a thriving coaching practice and live the life of my heart’s desires!

Thank You Christie! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Katherine Atwater

“It’s easy peazy, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful and there really isn’t enough great words for it”

The reason why I used this, was a personal financial crisis, and a husband who is refusing to work unless it comes to him. I have tried to get jobs myself for the last two years but a lack of hearing has put me way down the list for employers. So I started my own business and wanted work for my husband too.

I have started saying everyday morning and night the following; Everyday in every way, work and money keeps flowing my way with unlimited abundance it makes a happy day.

The very first time I listened to this, I won $73 on lotto, albeit very small amount I had never won before and it sparked me on. I now find my husband deals with things happier and we are getting on better than before. Three big jobs came in for him to work! and I just know inside, it’s really hard to explain but when I need something it kind of appears one way or another.

It’s easy peazy, fantastic, fabulous, wonderful and there really isn’t enough great words for it.

Kerry Lambert

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“I have already recommended this program because of the shift it creates”

My goal was to clear limiting beliefs around all areas of my life. About two weeks after beginning the program a shift began to take place in my life. I manifested a client who in turn asked me to not only coach her but to also work with her employees.

She also wants to refer me to her clients in her spa. Right after that I got invited to be on a local tv talk show to discuss one of my main coaching tools. I am doing that next week. I am only on the 3rd session! I love knowing that I am clearing any emotions that are no longer serving me so that I can move forward and serve and live from the highest place.

I have already recommended this program because of the shift it creates not only for me but for everyone. I believe when I shift then the world shifts too!

Dawn Weaver

“Using the program (still in the beginning) has opened many doors”

My goal was to have abundance flow to me effortlessly and to remove all blocks to it. I have debt and am living paycheck to paycheck.

Using the program (still in the beginning) has opened many doors, clearing and making decisions such as getting out of debt, taking that action and seeing how my parents and early years shaped my beliefs and views/perspectives on money. I’m feeling more freedom in terms of money and not such a slave to it. It’s clearing other areas as well, relationships, self esteem and confidence, perspectives on my life and past, all kind of things happening under the surface that I’m aware of but am unable to fully grasp what is happening, all I know is it’s all good!

Brian T Cole

“It has been the best thing ever for me”

I have been following along with your Unlimited Abundance course at home almost every day. I’m not as indecisive at making decisions, and feel more confident with my self. I feel more up lifted and supported. When I heard your online program, I knew I needed this course, and it has been the best thing ever for me.

Everyday I look forward to breaking up more blocks, that’s stopping me from living my dream life. I’m an Cardboard Artist. I design beautiful shelves, then I mosaic ,paint, put leather on them. In the first week of taking the course I sold shelves 1 for 1400.00 and 1 for 350.00. I love high vibes everyday!

Thank you so much Christie, you’ve become a friend of mine!

Patricia Engebretson

“I am feeling lighter within, both consciously and emotionally”

My motivation is to clear any inner emotional blockages that are hampering my spiritual realisation and awakening. And to activate my innate abilities and qualities, to empower myself consciously and energetically.

Since listening to Christies CDs, and following her teachings for releasing inner blocks, I am feeling lighter within, both consciously and emotionally. I feel that with continued focus, and interection with her clearing exercises I will continue to clear the inner emotional turmoil, become more and more empowered consciously, emotionally, mentally and physiologically.

Christie’s clearing techniques are extremely helpfull in clearing the inner emotional turmoil to help to empower me more to create financial abundance. And abundance of whatever else I desire in my life.

Neville Irvine

“It’s a miracle all together!”

Now that I’ve completely finished the first lesson of Christie Marie’s course, it has become clear to me, what “practising” would mean.

Again, I can only humbly and full of admiration express my great appreciation of and gratitude for having received this lovely course. It’s a miracle all together!

With love and my very best wishes to you all!


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“I am blessed to have come across Unlimited Abundance”

I would recommend and have recommend the Unlimited Abundance to many around me. Some have noticed a change in me and I can only attribute these to the new vibration that is being raised in me.

It is super excellent that these are available! I understand now that we can not always clear for oneself and we need allies that have the highest and best interest. I am blessed to have come across Unlimited Abundance and return blessings a thousand fold.

Laynah Lafond

“I’m feeling more alive and confident in myself”

After receiving the program my thoughs have changed. I’m feeling more alive and confident in myself, something I haven’t felt in along time.

I have decided to take each day as it comes and be who I’m suppose to be, a spirit having a human adventure and enjoying it. I believe my adventure will only get better as I go along the road of life with a grateful heart.
Thanks so much for all that you do!

Karen Bertrand

“Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with me”

I was looking for something to help with my stress and maybe give me some confidence to make changes to my work life.

We have completed only 7 sessions of Unlimited Abundance and are excited to get through the rest. Eliminating all of our “stuff” has been freeing. I’m beginning to meditate with a purpose. Although I’m still in my same job, I’ve lost the feeling of being stuck and afraid to change. I would recommend it to someone else.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I am grateful and thankful every day that I found you and your programs!

Lorrie Penley

“I’m feeling more freedom in terms of money”

My goal was to have abundance flow to me effortlessly and to remove all blocks to it. I have debt and am living paycheck to paycheck.

Using the program (still in the beginning) has opened many doors, clearing and making decisions such as getting out of debt, taking that action and seeing how my parents and early years shaped my beliefs and views/perspectives on money. I’m feeling more freedom in terms of money and not such a slave to it. It’s clearing other areas as well, relationships, self esteem and confidence, perspectives on my life and past, all kind of things happening under the surface that I’m aware of but am unable to fully grasp what is happening, all I know is it’s all good!

Brian T Cole

“I’m far more creative, ideas just keep coming and they’re good quality ideas”

I’m having a much better time socially, I feel very much better about myself and people are seeking me out, and often tell me they love me, which is lovely!!

I’m a musician and web designer. I’m far more creative, ideas just keep coming and they’re good quality ideas. And technically, with playing, some of difficulties I was having have just resolved themselves.

I teach horse riding. I can now see their energy and the horse’s much more clearly and I just ‘know’ how to change it and unblock it, and what to say so they understand on their level.

I have always had problems with food sensitivities, and these are disappearing fast. I had body image issues, and eating disorders and those are improving drastically also.

I wish I could tell you how grateful I am but I don’t really have words to say it.

Thank you!


“My life has improved in all areas”

My goal is to live the energy of love and above. My life has improved in all areas of life. I know I will get there because I am participating in the abundance coaching program and have decided no matter what it takes, I will do it!

I would recommend the program to anyone and have linked it to my facebook page. All the products are just amazing and provide you with the energy to live in love or above.

Hilde Rekdal

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“I had the best sleep I have had in a long time and woke up feeling amazing about myself”

July 2009 I had a car accident a truck ran me off the highway and he was in the wrong, I injured my neck really bad so I got a solicitor and the case has been going on ever since ,it should of been over a long time ago I’ve been waiting for a settlement date for so long now so then I would get my payout $$$$ which I very much deserve because since the accident I haven’t been able to find work with my injury restrictions and its been a struggle:(

Anyways I done the first energy clearing in the unlimited abundance program which I really loved and enjoyed although I kept thinking that maybe I wasn’t connecting with the light correctly ,I wasn’t sure if there was a right and wrong way. But that night I had the best sleep I have had in a long time and woke up feeling amazing about myself and felt so positive about everything. This is where it gets exciting!!!

At about 11am that morning I got a phone call off my solicitor and he said ” Hi braden you are not going to believe this but we just got a very suprising phone call and I can tell you that in 2 weeks from today we have a court settlement date and you will be receiving your money…I was expecting this to happen at the end of this year it completely blew me away!!! I’ve always been into the law of attraction and read a lot of books and listened to audio’s but this is the most exciting and I cant wait to do all the energy clearing’s and see the results. I have a lot of determination to be successful and have been trying really hard to make an income online and I know once I clear all of my blocks ill get there and I cant wait :)))))

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Christie for this program I think its just what I needed, it might not have been what you were expecting but it was a very exciting moment getting that phone call.


“I am opening up myself to the world again”

I am really excited about this program because it is at Home program. I am able to listen to it at home on my own time, and as often as I want. I have a lot of blocks to work on. I was pretty much rock bottom on self worth and acceptance. If it wasn’t for my job, I would have been an agoraphobic, hermit, with no reason to get up in the morning.

I have tried to work on my self-worth blocks in the past, but it was so expensive, and I had to go to my teacher/guru/therapist each week, and I couldn’t take her home with me. This program has allowed me to listen from home, have my ‘guru’ there whenever, wherever I need her, and I can listen to the sessions over and over and over until I truly delete, destroy, destory the blocks that are preventing me from living my life. So far I am reconnecting to friends and family.

I am opening up myself to the world again, and daring to live life, love myself, and welcome others into my life again. I am only on session 4 of 25 so I can only imagine what things will be like a few months from now. Yay!!

Nancy Campbell

“I am extremely impressed with the healing process I am experiencing”

Clear finances and relationships were my goals. And yes, I already have results! I am extremely impressed with the healing process I am experiencing and how my perception is now clear and easy, with less emotional struggles. Actually, I practice everytime I feel that my energy is blocked and I release so much old, unhealthy energy. One of my relationships just started getting amazingly better, like a miracle – like magic – as if the past is gone.

Please, thank Christie for using her gifts. I am asking the Universe to show me how I can use mine and it’s working. Tell her that it’s FUN, MAGIC and EASY! Thank you all, guys. I feel I am part of your team. Enjoy, have fun and smile, we all deserve it.


“The program is completely Awesome”

I was completely stuck over finances and just didn’t know where to turn next. I had ordered tons of programs, books, and CDs on the subject in the past (and studied them too)!

Now my financial life is beginning to shift amazingly (in the right direction!) even though I have only been through 5 of Christie’s CDs so far. Can’t wait to get on with the rest of the program.

I think the program is completely awesome; and it really works.

I would recommend this program to others without hesitation. In fact I have already been doing so to several of my friends.

I think it’s amazingly good.


“I started listening 2 weeks ago I’ve sold the last 6 out of 7 clients”

I’ve spent so many years “working” on myself with great results. I’m now healthy, strong, mentally and physically, learning and growing all the time. It’s all coming together….except money. All the money I had is gone and all the avenues to replace it never got results. So I asked for “the next step, the way to move through these financial blocks easily and quickly”. I already know about Christie Marie Sheldon and her phenomenal work.

Two days after I made my request to the Universe, I heard her on a webinar talking about the program she was offering and my body lit up. I got chills, I got excited. I KNEW this was my answer. So, I ordered the program and got on it. I’m recently back in sales. Since I started listening 2 weeks ago I’ve sold the last 6 out of 7 clients, EASILY. Two of them literally told me at our first meeting-” I’m going with you, let’s hurry up and get this done”. My relationships with my clients are so much easier, more fun, lighter.

We’ve had many things for sale at home as we’re cleaning out our life. What wasn’t selling for weeks sold in days after I started the clearing. The new stuff we’re posting is gone in a couple days easily, instead of the weeks or no responses before. We’ve been looking for a new roommate. After a month of running ads and interviewing with no results we got our IDEAL roommate last week. I am freer in my interactions with others, I’m happier, calmer inside and have so much more fun with everything.


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“I feel like my old self from 10 years ago”

My family and I went away on holiday and I purchased the program during that vacation as I couldn’t even enjoy being there. I started listening to the program 3 days into our holiday and felt as if a sudden calm had descended upon me – my anger and uncomfortable feelings were slowly dissolving and I was able to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand with my kids and husband after 3 days on vacation.

I havent manifested any great cash windfalls or jaw dropping accomplishments with my business (yet!), but Im continuing the program and hoping my new found clear headedness will allow me to see opportunities where I couldnt see or appreciate them before. The calm I have now is so amazing, I feel like my old self – from 10 years ago.

Carline Deal

“I’ve absolutely loved the Unlimited Abundance program”

I’ve absolutely loved the Unlimited Abundance program! I immediately started having a lot of small abundance blessings, but then, one month after doing the clearings, I received a completely unexpected MAJOR blessing!

My husband and I were in a serious car accident four years ago. He was in a coma, and in the hospital, for 2 months. We racked up a huge amount of debt because of his head injury and have been paying $2200 a month to get it paid off. We still have three years of payments to go, and it has made our finances very tight. So, while listening to your program, I decided I needed to manifest enough money to get the debt paid off.

A few days ago, a lady from my husband’s work called him right out of the blue, and told him that because he was over 59 years old, he could take out all of the retirement he’s accrued to date. We were under the impression that he had to retire to get any of it. It totals $80,000, and we need about $82,00 to get our debt paid off. So, we now have an $80,000 check on the way! We were so excited that we both jumped up and down!

Corine Pevny

“Yes, that’s right, $200,000.00 and I only purchased the program two months ago!”

Christie Marie Sheldon has fantastic energy! I first saw a video of her online and was so impressed by how strong and bright her aura was as well as the playful quality about her. Her programs looked FUN as well as informative and life changing. I knew I had to try one of them!

I bought both the Unlimited Abundance program and Love or Above. I can’t thank Christie enough for both programs. I return to the Unlimited Abundance program just about every week since my purchase simply for how good I feel afterwards. Who knew that I had so much to clear? Christie left no stone unturned as to all the beliefs that hold us back and GOT RID OF THEM!

Since I began my journey with Christie and Unlimited Abundance I have received $200,000.00! Yes, that’s right, $200,000.00 and I only purchased the program two months ago! My financial planner informed me a few weeks ago that after a total loss of my income for 2008 and 2009, my investment account has reaped the benefits of the market upturn in 2010 and 2011, creating an additional $200,000.00 gain in my account. Cha ching! Thanks Christie!

Better than that though is the NEW ME! All the good stuff that Christie re-programmed into my belief system has created true unlimited abundance. I think, feel and behave from a new perspective and I’m no longer afraid to be “a little weird”. Buy Unlimited Abundance and allow Christie to create magic in your life! Hugs Christie!!!

I would and have recommended Christie’s program to anyone and everyone. Unfortunately many people think it’s “too good to be true” and won’t take the leap of faith and purchase the program. Their loss, big time!

Victoria Comfort

“I feel that it is urgent and imperative for people to work with this program”

My health has improved instantly – after listening to the first webinar; I have reunited with an estranged sister and my financial abundance is starting to clear. I know and feel that this is the most important and incredible program that an individual could be involved with. My family members and many friends have now been involved in this and part of my intent is to be able to fund this program for as many families as possible.

I have been involved as a practitioner, in the fields of Energy Frequency healing and Life Mentoring for 50 years and in all that time have never come across a program as powerful as Christie and her Abundance and Love or Above programs. I feel that it is urgent and imperative for people to work with this program before they do anything else… then everything else will work !!

Marrienne de Blois

“I am loving the Unlimited Abundance program”

I had a very strong feeling that this course would take me in the right direction. Though I thought this would help me in the way I have dealt with financial issues, I find that this course is doing much more. It has turned on “light bulbs” as to how my life regarding money got to this point, and I’ve been able to resolve many issues from my past that I didn’t even know were haunting me. I feel much lighter and happier as I’ve been able to identify and let go of negative anchors that have been holding me back. I am confident that as I continue, I will see more and more progress and results.

The principles and techniques Christie teaches can absolutely help no matter what we are facing. As she took us through certain exercises, I found layers of negativity begin to fall off. I didn’t even remember or realize that past events from growing up were related to how I viewed money. Not only do the techniques help in abundance attitudes, it relieves the anchors of old wounds. I am loving the Unlimited Abundance program! It’s helping me in every area of my life, including my relationships with my family, friends, and God.


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“Unexpected sources of extra income has come flowing into our lives”

So far in just the two weeks of using the program, several unexpected sources of extra income has come flowing into our lives. Deposits from companies that were owed to me but I didn’t know exactly when they were coming. For example, Farmers Ins sent me two checks totaling almost $200, Utility company sent me a check for $85, my husband got some extra jobs totaling over $900 and we recycled a lot of scrap metal that my husband attains doing his plumbing job and received over $300. That was just in the first two weeks of using the program.

Relationship wise, life has been better between me and my family. I still have a ways to go but we are communicating more and being more understanding with each other. The entire family is supportive of our new changes in our lives by using what we learn from Christie Marie Sheldon. Health wise, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster. I seem to have more headaches these days than normal, but I am thinking that perhaps this is an effect of the negative energy leaving me. My other health issues have been getting much much better though.

Spiritually, it has been a learning experience to connect to GOD (my source) and such a blessing and wonderful feeling to do so. I feel much more closer to GOD now that I am able to connect with him via my GOD chord. I wish more people could connect every day to their “source” and help make the universe a much better, safer and brilliant place to live.

Jacqueline Guerrero

“It is a great opportunity to release any kind of blocks”

I don’t even know how to start telling the benefits and the blessings that Unlimited Abundance is bringing into my life. I’ve decided to start my own swimwear business, more and more people are showing up to help me open up the business, meanwhile a new position with a better pay at my job opened up and I.m having a interview this coming Thursday. It is a great opportunity to release any kind of blocks and belief systems that are holding you back from being who you are supposed to be financially, emotionally and physically.

Adriana Cezar

“Absolutely love it”

There is so many people I would like to share this program with. I love it! Thank you Christie. Apart from money rolling in I am so much more at peace with myself and a happier person. Absolutely love it!

Angela Madrid

“I feel blessed and in tune with the universe”

As I go along, I am in flow and watch in amazement as things become easy and fall into place effortlessly. I feel blessed and in tune with the universe. I am so grateful to Christie and can’t wait to learn more from her. I would absolutely recommend the course to others and actually have already! Christie’s generosity shines through and I am grateful to her for sharing her knowledge. I know this won’t be the last product that I purchase from Christie.

Sandra Allagapen

“Within the first 2 parts I have let go of smoking after 24 years”

My goal using this course and indeed requesting this course was to do exactly what it says on the tin, create and live unlimited abundance. Within the first 2 parts I have let go of smoking after 24 years! This is truly amazing! Obviously preventing abundance in many ways especially health and I am pleased to say 2 weeks on and still knowing the awesome truth that I am not a smoker! Unbelievable.

Little treasures are occuring, winning a competition with my children, having a lady offer free pony rides at my sons birthday party! I realise more that this is total release of everything learned, the truth is already there, we just have to let go. Phew! Thank you Christie for being so very direct, powerful and lovingly adamant about spreading and sharing your knowledge. Respect and Love ! Muchos Gratitude, muchos muchos!


“Good things start happening straight away”

Since using the program small bonuses have been coming in. I received two weeks of free lunches for myself and other staff. I had been bemoaning that my boss who is also a friend has not even mentioned a pay rise. It’s been 2 years since my last pay rise. I didn’t want to say anything because he was my friend. Two days ago my boss came to me with the pay rise and thanked me for not pressurising him about it and that the business has now grown where he can afford the pay rise and he is working on other monthly performance incentives where I will be able to earn more.

I am a retail manager and last week we had a one day VIP sale. It was the biggest sale ever and I did the most in sales out of all the staff. We also earn commission on products and I earned the most commission I ever have in any one day. I also was able to ask our boss for a bonus for all staff for doing so well in the sale. My boss agreed to the bonus and payed it to us three days later and it was tax free. This has never happened before. Doing the program makes me feel like I’m getting to clear stuff that I wasn’t conscious of. Listening to Christie a lot of stuff comes up and pennies drop. I dont think this would be occurring if I wasn’t doing unlimited abundance.

I think I’d still be frustrated by why things weren’t working Yes because good things start happening straight away it’s very strange. I feel released. Also my money issues and my inability to fulfill my dreams would give me anxiety and sometimes keep me from sleeping. Now I listen before bed and sleep deeply. I’m not stressed. I would recommend it to anyone who is financially strapped and anxious about how to change. At first I thought it was coincidental but I’ve never had this much coincidence in my life. I think it’s money well spent!

Helena Crnkovich

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“Everyone on the whole planet needs to do this course”

It has changed my life on so many different levels! I am only on CD 9 and freinds are commenting on how happy and laid back I am. I love living this way and I think every one on the whole planet needs to do this course! it would make the world a much better place! I cannot believe the change in myself. What I thought was impossible is now possible! it all makes perfect sense! I only hope there is a follow on course as I cant imagine My life without you all in it! God Bless you all.

Rose Booth

“The very next day I received an unexpected $4000”

I have had a consistently good income for many years, but I could never get past a certain number. And I couldn’t visualize myself getting more money or getting the life I really wanted. I just kept seeing the same thing I have today. The first thing that happened was I attended the free session for Unlimited Abundance, and the very next day I received an unexpected $4000. WOW! If that didn’t convince me to take the entire program, nothing would have. So I signed up immediately. I have since created a vision board and CAN see my future life. I have come up with three different ideas for improving my income that fit in with the lifestyle I want to have. And the funny thing is, they were sitting in my lap but I had never “seen” them before. Now I am working to make them happen.

Marie Benesh

“What an adventure I am experiencing”

What an adventure I am experiencing! I thought, “yes, it would be nice to clear out the junk so I can be content with my little life.” God, however, has other plans for me now that I am so much more avaliable. A new avenue of income has opened up for me that is EIGHT TIMES more than I was making before. Those in my life who depended so much on my remaining afraid and small and pathetic, are scrambling energetically for something to grasp and I am happy to report they no longer have me. The obstacles or things that would have sent me into a tailspin a few years ago are just no big deal now.

I listen to the lessons at night so my roommate (who happens to be my awesome twin sister) has also had the opportunity to delete, destory and uncreate a lot of the same things. Talk about healing! Thank you and God bless you for all you are doing.



My goal was to clear my energy and uplift my vibrational frequency.This is exactly what is happening! Christie is so loving and caring. I love her!! I would recommend the program to the whole world!! Fantastic!

Jennifer Hurley

“Since I started the program I came across manifestations of abundance”

Thank you for such a wonderful program! The main reason I was attracted to this program is my search for a well paid fulfilling job position and professional work. Since I started the program I came across manifestations of abundance, like getting gifts for the Holidays that were very generous, earning money from helping out when I was not expecting to be paid for it, and saving money because what I need is on sale. Also having synchronicity with friends that are very sweet and positive is great. Love to keep clearing! I would recommend this program because is very practical, real and the positive energy and healing is wonderful!

Monica Piquet

“I’m very excited and very grateful”

My goal for using Unlimited Abundance was to clear away any blocks that may have been preventing me from achieving abundance in every aspect of my life. I recently lost my job, thus I am seeking a new position and am looking to make a move to southern California. I’m also looking to find a career which aligns more with my desire to help people and make a difference. I feel that my energy field had many negative energies and emotions that were dormant or stuck, which is preventing me from achieving my dreams.

I have only recently started to understand what energies exist and how the energies impact our lives. There were many things that happened in my life that left me feeling like I was just existing. I no longer wanted to just exist; I want to be engaged in and create the life that I want. I want to use the abundance that I know that I already have to help others and make a difference on the planet. I know that we are in the midst of an energy shift as we are moving into a new age.

Thus I want to be conscious while we go through this and having my energy field cleared of all the negative emotions will help me be conscious and contribute to this wonderfully exciting and positive shift. Something happened after listening to the first couple of sessions of Unlimited Abundance. By clearing my energy, my intuition is waking up. Between my working with Love or Above and Unlimited Abundance I see my life already improving. I’m very excited and very grateful for having been guided to Christie and these tools. Thank you.

Kimberly Bonk

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“I am filled with renewed optimism”

My main goal was to let go of the pain and devastation Ifelt when my partner left me for someone else 2 years ago. I have 2 wonderful children and want to be a positive role model to them. Since starting Unlimited Abundance I am filled with renewed optimism and have learned that I am cautious and think small. If I think bigger I can aim so much higher.

I realized that i have been afraid to ask, but even when i had a puncture on the bike i received a call from my boss who organized a lift despite my protests. All I need to do is ask. I hope to let go, free my mind and allow my creative energy to flow. In letting go I hope to cure years of suffering. I wish to light up a room with my presence and if all i can offer is a smile and if it makes a difference to someone i will feel happy.

Margo Scannelli

“Abundance have been consistently flowing”

Abundance have been consistently flowing the moment I started to let go of my abundance blockages and in less than a month…

  • The landlord did not raise rent
  • I had calls from my reiki massage clients and students asking for sessions
  • they gave more tips to the fee that I charged
  • I got more complements after the session
  • I got monetary gifts from friends
  • I got prices of things I wanted
  • I got the things just by asking…
  • Self changes in terms of welcoming money… have money to give away during christmas
  • had resources showing up
  • better family relations
  • someone offered to pay for my visit to my country. I have not been back since 1994.
  • not afraid to look at my back balance and count my money
  • more trustful that the universe will take care of me and the family
  • erased my doubts that I deserve to be happy, to have money and other resources.
  • raising my vibration and just being happy everyday and blessing everyone with pure light, love, energy and source and wishing unlimited abundance to everyone.

I have recommended it and my friend has enrolled already. She told me that she has forwarded it too. I think Unlimited Abundance is a tool to CREATE MIRACLES!

Maria Laya-Smith

“I feel so beautiful”

I have started seeing abundance in me and in my talents and I start loving myself more than I did before. The most important block for me was to find love inside me and now I know to receive it from outside from all the places I go and love is free and is able to come to me, my wish is to find now the true love in my partner! Bless you Christie and your team. I feel so beautiful and thankful! SUPER!


“Love it”

I am more aware of energy now, and how I can live in ways that let this energy flow through me and out into the world. Christie is great, genuine, fun and practicing what she preaches. Love it.

Penny Ivison

“My life has greatly improved since starting the Unlimited Abundance”

My goal is to manifest unending wealth to get our family out of debt and start living the life of my dreams. I have a deep passion to help people improve their health through my energy healing techniques. I want to change healthcare in Canada! My life has greatly improved since starting the Unlimited Abundance. Although I have not yet manifested a great deal of money, I have noticed small changes that have helped me promote myself and business.

I have become more confident about what I am trying to achieve and have become more organized and actively pursuing my business in a positive way. It is sometimes difficult to educate people about the benefits of energy healing as they are skeptical that it even works. I find Christie’s energy clearing sessions great in helping me focus, stay positive and look within at how I need to change. Christie’s enthusiasm, positivity and deep gift and desire to help people is fantastic! She is a lifesaver from depression and hopelessness! Christie is a phenomenal human being! Her work is astounding and very unique.

Sue Wileniec

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